Episode 19: Live from Webstock!

Recorded live in the Wellington town hall during the Webstock conference, this is a very special episode. Not least because it’s off the rails from before the recorder even gets switched on, or because Ben is once again being replaced by the inimitable Karl von Randow, but also because it’s the first live episode recorded in front of an actual in-person audience, and it’s also the shortest episode ever.

Hated the live show? Well then have I got great news for you, as there’s another one coming next week, which Ben & I recorded at the WordCamp conference held at Te Papa on the 19th. That’ll be up next week.

Special thanks

Thanks to Tash Hall, who took time from her ridiculously busy schedule running the Webstock conference to sort us out with some space. She’s a frigging superstar of awesomeness.

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