Episode 20: Christchurch

The specialest special episode so far, in which I speak with Christchurch native and friend of Discourse Layton Duncan about his experiences during and after the quake. Then we have a quick chat with Christchurch students Louisa & Ella about their experiences in Christchurch, and how it is to have escape to the safety of Auckland. After which we’re joined by Wellington app developer David Frampton (also a friend of Discourse), who wasn’t in Christchurch when the quake struck, but who had his mum go missing in one of the most devastated buildings in the city. Then we learn about the Christchurch Recovery Map at eq.org.nz from Nat Torkington, and the Garage Sale for Christchurch at garagesalechch.org from John Ballinger. Before rounding things out talking with architect and urban planner Natasha Markham about how best to approach the reconstruction of the city.

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Photos courtesy of Layton Duncan, except the production photo of the girls which was taken by The Sting Machine.

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