We have expert & interesting guests on the show regularly, here they are in order of appearance.

  1. Thomas Scovell, Digital Strategist from Heyday spoke about in episode 3 (28th October, 2010).
  2. Rick Shera, ICT Lawyer, Partner at Lowndes Jordan, spoke about Simon Power’s review of laws around new media in episode 3 (28th Octover, 2010).
  3. Bernard Hickey, economist & editor from, spoke about his shift away from belief in the freemarket god, and unfettered capitalism (4th November, 2010).
  4. Rachel Goodchild, author & relationship expert from, discussed sex & desire in long term relationships, inspired by Stephen Fry’s unwise remarks/jokes about women in relationships not enjoying sex  (4th November, 2010).
  5. Dylan Reeve, film & television editor and video production geek, discussed his project (11th November, 2010).
  6. Jose Barbosa, all around good guy, Media7 reporter, and sometime blogger, he was in the studio to shoot a segment for his TV show, so we got him behind the mic (2nd December, 2010).
  7. Mark Derricutt (@talios), shooting the breeze (16th December, 2010).
  8. Greg Wood (@gredge), advertising guy and person who cycles, spoke about trying to make things a bit safer for people cycling on NZ roads (23rd December, 2010).
  9. Dylan Horrocks (@dylanhorrocks), comic artist & author, explained his positive reaction to discovering his comics being shared on the file trading networks without permission (23rd December, 2010).
  10. Matthew Dentith (@HORansome), conspiracy theory theorist (20th January, 2011).
  11. Lance Wiggs, consultant and entrepreneur, affiliated with (among others) Pacific FibrePowerKiwi, and group purchasing site Groupy which was acquired this week by Yellow.
  12. David Farrar from KiwiBlog and Keith Ng from Public Address, debated the economic sense of National’s plans to sell off parts of New Zealand’s electricity generating infrastructure assets if they win the next election (3rd February, 2011).
  13. Hady Osment, Egyptian New Zealander, about the revolution in Egypt that overthrew their decades old military dictator in their recent popular uprising (3rd February, 2011).
  14. David Frampton, of Majic Jungle Software, and Layton Duncan of Polar Bear Farm speaking about iPhone app development, and the strides the other mobile platform players need to take to stay in the game (10th February, 2011).
  15. Layton Duncan, about his experiences in Christchurch during the February earthquake, and in the immediate aftermath (3rd March, 2011).
  16. Louisa & Ella, primary school students in Christchurch, speaking about how things were for them during the February earthquake (3rd March, 2011).
  17. David Frampton, Wellington based developer, about the ordeal waiting for information about his mother, who was trapped in the earthquake collapsed PGG building  (3rd March, 2011)
  18. Nat Torkington, about, a website helping coordinate recovery workers on the ground following the Christchurch earthquake (3rd March, 2011).
  19. John Ballinger, who put together the Garage Sale for Christchurch website (3rd March, 2011).
  20. Natasha Markham, architect and urban designer, about rebuilding Christchurch (3rd March, 2011).
  21. Robyn Gallagher, live in Tokyo where she happened to be during the earthquake (17 March, 2011).
  22. Tom Isaacson (31 March, 2011).
  23. Darren Wood (7 April, 2011).
  24. Karl von Randow, popular iOS developer, in San Francisco at the WWDC (9 June, 2011).
  25. Helen Steemson from The Common Room, about the Lifewise Big Sleepout (16 June, 2013).
  26. Liz Shaw (23 June, 2011).
  27. John Biggs from TechCrunch, very briefly (7 July, 2011).
  28. Dr John Brash. Annoying.
  29. Gareth Hughes, popular Green Party MP (18 August, 2011).
  30. Paul Brislen, TUANZ chief executive and former Vodafone head of comms (3 November, 2011).
  31. David Farrar, popular blogger (at Kiwiblog), National Party insider, and political Pollster (at his company Curia) (10 November, 2011).
  32. Jordan Carter, Labour Party candidate in the forthcoming general election (10 November, 2011).
  33. Kiel McNaughton, Auckland-based filmmaker and TV producer/director about his great new online only TV show Auckland Daze (17 November, 2012).
  34. John Kingi, accused by Right-wing bloggers of being a Labour activist who infiltrated the TV3 Leaders Debate to rig the worm (24 November, 2011).
  35. Jose Barbosa (15 March, 2012).
  36. Ant Timpson, Filmhead (26 April, 2012).
  37. The Masked Legal Avenger, who for now shall remain nameless (3 May, 2012).
  38. Rick Shera, partner at Lowndes Jordan, commercial lawyer with special interests in ICT, IP, & Media Law (10 May, 2012).
  39. Richard Irvine, one of the tweam behind@telecomnz (14 June, 2012).
  40. Bernard Hickey from joins us to talk about his new project (September 6, 2012).
  41. David Farrar from joins us to chat about the current American presidential campaign, the awkwardness of having a lying candidate (or is he?), as well as various other political subjects (13 September, 2012).
  42. Quentin Reade, brand honcho at Orcon (27 September, 2012).
  43. Jacinda Ardern (@jacindaardern), Labour Party MP (18 October, 2012).
  44. Thomas Beagle (@thomasbeagle), spokesperson & cofounder of (25 October, 2012).
  45. Jordan Carter (@jordantcarter), former Labour list candidate, political activist, and policy guy (22 November, 2012).