The Discourse Weekly Show is New Zealand’s best podcast. It’s also New Zealand’s favourite podcast. It’s also not “weekly” very often these days.

Described by the National Business Review as “Internet Underground Radio”, Discourse is equal parts pop culture, technology, and politics, all wrapped up in a spirited conversation between a group of friends, with the odd guest thrown in for good measure.

Past guests have included journalists, politicians, lobbyists, pundits, venture capitalists, manufacturers, software developers, urban planners, film makers, and so on and so forth.

Just listen, you’ll like it. And if you don’t like it, it didn’t cost you a cent.

About the hosts

Morgan Avery (formerly Morgan Nichol), the opinionated blow-hard to blame for the whole thing. Makes web stuff and short films and talks too loud.

Dylan Reeve, TV editor, award winning short-film maker, and suburban father of 3.

Ben Gracewood is busy doing other things right now, but he’ll be back regularly after his hugely successful (sold out!) conference CodeMania is done with something something creative differences.

About the Senior Correspondents

Robyn Gallagher, Senior Culture Commentator and Wellington Correspondent. Tends to talk about museums and galleries. Her jet-set lifestyle doesn’t allow her to appear on the show as often as we’d like. Robyn writes on RobynGallagher.com.

Ryan Sproull, Senior Philosophy Commentator and Discourse Philosopher-in-Residence. Whatever you do, don’t get him talking about free will. Sometimes Ryan writes on StateHighwayOne.com.


We regularly have expert (and/or interesting) guests on the show, a complete list can be found on the Guests page.


The show is produced and edited by Morgan Avery.

Advertising / Sponsorship

Previous sponsors have included Microsoft, Telecom, 2 Degrees, and Epic Brewery.

If you want to get your stuff in front of a tech savvy, socially connected audience get in touch.