Episode 18: Afternoon Delight

It was either going to be Afternoon Delight or Have a Quickie with Morgan and Ben, so just you thank your lucky stars. ‘Wonderful’ count: 12+ (I only started counting about halfway through.)

Live show in sunny Wellington? How is this possible!?

There’s going to be a live show on Thursday 17th February at Webstock the time and location haven’t been confirmed, but anyone who can be there will know about it (as the location is being kindly provided by Webstock, only Webstock ticket holders will be able to get in).

Be there if you want to watch the train wreck as it happens, live on stage.

Tell a friend!

Remember how dull your Thursdays were before you discovered Discourse? Just think of the joy you’ll be bringing into the world by sharing it around.

Show notes


  • Having corrections would imply I wasn’t completely perfect. Get real.

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