Episode 17: The Apple of your Eye

Another very special episode of the show, this week featuring special guest star co-host Karl von Randow. We start the show off with a round-table discussion with the dream-team of what must be New Zealand’s top iPhone app developers, talk through how people got started, why they chose that platform, what they’ve been working on, and what it’d take for them to produce apps for other phones. Then after a quick game of Word of the Week we kick off into an incredibly obvious story about a programme that’s found that if you provide girls with free contraception, they don’t get pregnant, dug, then move onto a completely amazing story about a stem cell spraying skin gun (it’s like magic, but I hope it’s legit), a woman put on a terrorist watch list by her asshole husband is stranded in Pakistan for three years, a water powered jet pack (this is a little misleading, though it’s still super cool), the current flavour of IP addresses being pretty much all used up, the Hoover Dam being safe from hackers, sex and booze or sex or booze or booze or friends, Microsoft are burning money in their online exploits, and much much more.

Live show in sunny Wellington? How is this possible!?

There might be a live show, in person in Wellington, with an audience (if you come), at some stage during Webstock (which means that if it happens, it’ll be Webstock attendees only, so I don’t need to confirm it now as everyone will be within earshot). I’m super anxious about the whole thing now, so who knows.

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Show notes


  • Having corrections would imply I wasn’t completely perfect. Get real.

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