Episode 16: Relax on this, Mr Key.

John Key reckons that if he wins the next election he’d like to sell a bunch of OUR hard-earned assets, didn’t sound like a great idea to us, but we got a couple of pros – in the form of the inimitable misters David Farrar and Keith Ng – on the show to argue it through, just to make sure. Still sounds like a dumb idea, but now we’re really super sure about that. We also talk about Android finally (and inevitably) climbing to the top of the smartphone heap, learning to live with danger as a consequence of biology & physics, the ANZACs and the Turks (who are bloody good sports, considering they let us have a huge gathering to celebrate the time we tried to invade their country, in their country), mooted Queen St car ban (and other proposed council plans), the mondayification of a couple of our little holidays. And in possibly one of the best segments we’ve ever had on the show, we had Hady Osman on to tell us all about what’s happening in Egypt, things have been grim but are hopeful, and at least in part thanks to the behaviour of the Egyptian armed forces keeping things cool on the ground.
Fair warning, but after making such a brilliant show this week, Ben and I are going to be insufferably smug bastards for the next few days.

Live show in sunny Wellington? How is this possible!?

It’s still not entirely locked in, but on Saturday 19th of February at about 3pm there might be a live show, in person, with an audience (if you come), maybe at the Wellington Town Hall, or maybe at a nearby venue. Be there don’t be there, but only if we confirm it’s actually happening. (A lot of stuff has to go right between now and then.)

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Show notes


  • Ben reckoned the Dell Streak was probably an alright piece of kit, but now says maybe not as the reviews don’t look so hot.

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