Episode 5: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

We talk music videos with Dylan Reeve, and Morgan tells him how he should fix his social music video project (and then basically tries to take the whole thing over). Even after all these years Ze Frank is still the best. You can’t Skype from Windows Phone 7 (suck it Ben). Morgan has noticed that Jose Barbosa and the internet’s Lonely Sandwich (aka Adam Lisagor) share a certain something. We get our Senior Philosophy Correspondent Ryan Sproull back on the show. Do a couple of (really bad) Urban Dictionary Words of the Week. Wonder if maybe people could stop using the word ‘rape’ to describe things far less serious than actual rape. Talk a whole lot of philosophy. Vibrating broom sticks. Politicians blaming things on implausible stuff rather than demonstrable stuff. A robot designed to win low price auctions. Wealth doesn’t buy you taste, and Morgan didn’t know where Brunei was (but that’s ok, ‘cos you probably didn’t either). Nicaraguan military appear not to be sure where Nicaragua is. Fainting kittens. You can never be too thin, or too orange. Little pigs turn out to be big pigs in disguise. And Morgan pleads with the original composer of our opening music not to sue us all into the ground.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”

  1. Believe it or not, in my prep for the first ep I planned on playing the genitals song, followed by tickle my vagina (maybe just talking about it rather than playing it).

    I am the queen of vagina, I am the queen of promiscuous.

  2. Why do you bleep cunt but not fuck? its political correctness gone mad!

    Is this just podcast just an outlet for themorgan to talk about all the funny links he saw on twitter during the week?

    PS You should do ‘space docking’ as urban dictionary word of the week.

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