Episode 6: Coq and Rollerballs

We welcome back our Culture and Wellington correspondent, immediately blame her for the indiscretions of all politicians, then assign her the difficult task of reviewing the art equivalent of Solid Gold FM. Ben yawns; the police chase, or don’t chase as the case may be; and the TSA fondles our private parts. Justin Timberlake snorts coke off interns and Ben can’t help but take another pot-shot at Android. Spam on a ship, corned beef and mayo, and a disgusting little twerp goes to jail. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Episode 6: Coq and Rollerballs”

  1. Good show but a 50% of your demographic (ie me) did not like the boring stuff about te-papa. Dunno why y’all brought up the topic as there was nothing to say about it. And Robyn Cardigan hadn’t even seen it.

    I liked episode with Bernard Hickey he was insightful. Get that motherfucker back on and ask him so idiotic and inflamitory questions such as: “Has the US economy become Communism with American characteristics”.

    Or interview @nzlemming about the DIA filter.

    Or interview @lancewigs about pacificfiber

  2. There’s always going to be some museum & gallery content, because I happen to like museums & galleries. It was all just a ruse so we’d have an excuse to talk to Bronwyn, anyway, and if we hadn’t done that we wouldn’t have any of that stuff about tickling pen’s balls.

  3. The ball ticking was gold. If you like museums and galleries do us a favour and have some thing worthwhile to say about them. Rather than “oh that guy with the urinal, y’know..” (it was Duchamp btw).

  4. Actually, Mike’s comment has given me a really good idea – every episode I’m on, I want to be asked about something I know nothing about.

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