Episode 3.38: If you can’t do it drunk, you can’t do it.

This is the last episode of the year, and I guess probably the last episode of season 3. I hope you enjoy the show, and will join us when we crack back into it next year, we’re thinking some time around February.

First up this week we’re joined by special guest Philip Duncan, weather prediction magician from WeatherWatch. We talk about the deadly tornado, and a bunch of other weather (and some climate) stuff.

Next we have a Christmas message from philosophy correspondent and senior tell-me-off-for-being-silly-consultant Ryan Sproull.

Then we change gear and move into the world of technology, and more specifically telecommunications, and we’re joined by special guest Richard Irvine from Telecom, we discuss Telecom’s newly announced changes to their data & call international roaming rates, and the Christmas gift from them to us in the form of free wireless hotspots at selected holiday destinations around New Zealand this summer.

Finally we’re joined by special guest Paul Brislen, comms industry curmudgeon from TUANZ. For more about Telecom’s announcement (and a little about Vodafone’s approach to the same problem – bill shock), and a bunch of other stuff.

Show notes

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