Episode 2.10: Real Time

We’re trying out a new format. The Show is now locked down to just an hour long, and anything that doesn’t fit in gets thrown into a new overflow show we’re calling Discourse XL. If you like short shows, or don’t like the rambling we sometimes allow ourselves, don’t listen to XL. If you like long shows, listen to the normal show, and then the XL. If you’re a complete weirdo, just listen to the XL.

This is an experiment, if we like it, we’ll stick with it, part of how much we like it depends on your response.

Massive $2400 phone giveaway!

Thanks to Telecom XT we’ve got 3 (three!) Motorola Defy android phones to give away, Dylan already snarfed one for getting the phones, and for coming up with the competition idea which is…

Come up with the best idea for a competition to give away a phone, and you win a phone! And then we run your comp and give away the last phone! It’s like everyone wins! Exclamation mark!

Enter the competition competition NOW, who knows, your crappy idea might be the best idea.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 2.10: Real Time”

  1. Morgan you are damn easy to wind up.
    If it’s dry skin then it might be static electricity related – the idea has potential..

    The new format is great, I listened to both shows but I like the compression of the flagship show which listeners can grab and run with, then you guys can kick back and get more technical on the XL version. I think it’s a good solution to the old problem of talkiness vs terseness and I’ve listened to every damn show, and even got up and danced to the Nyan Cat (without cutting maself).

    Keep up the good work and even if no other muthafucka makes any comments, we are out there listening and we do love you.

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