Episode 4: God Hates Bleeps

We’ve been working our arses off. Ben had a couple of drinks, I went over 30 hours without sleep, and then we decided to head to the Interest.co.nz headquarters to meet with Bernard Hickey, where we discussed his killing of the free market god, corporate corruption of the American political system, capitalism gone awry, dirty old Fonterra, and many other interesting subjects. Then we speak with relationship and sex expert Rachel Goodchild about the whole Stephen Fry ‘women only go to bed with men because sex is the price they’re willing to pay for a relationship’ thing, then Morgan introduces some new words to her.  Discover that god hates figs, argue about marijuana legalisation, discover that caffeine is incredibly dangerous when taken in ridiculously large quantities, read about the discovery (and consumption) of a new monkey, hope for better on the mobile data front, laugh about data glory holes, rant at the folk that cock-up the trains, and much much more.

Special edition

We got a lot of great material while we were speaking with Bernard Hickey, far too much to fit into the regular show, so we’ll release a special extended interview edition of the show in a few days.

Bit rate

I’ve changed from using 160kbps encoded MP3s in the feed to 96kbps encoding, get in touch if this bothers you (or if you even notice).

Show notes

Urban Dictionary Word(s) of the Week

Morgan wins again, with no definitions correctly guessed this week.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 4: God Hates Bleeps”

  1. I disagreed with the whole Stephen Fry bit. He was just making a joke. It was misquoted, and then misquoted as essentially ‘Stephen Fry says women don’t like sex’. Everyone’s over analysing a joke, which is always ridiculous.

    I can’t be bothered actually researching my point here… but… after the first episode weren’t you criticised for making some “un-pc” jokes by Paul Henry supporters? Your defense in the following episodes was along the lines of, you were joking, trying to be entertaining… or something along those lines. The guy made a joke about women not wanting sex as much as men… it may not be true, but it’s been a running joke in sitcoms for decades.

    The rest of the show was bloody entertaining. Discourse is the best New Zealand podcast*

    * Out of a sample size of 2

    1. Hi Heath, we had a bit (which I thought was still in the show, but may have been cut for brevity) where we said something to the effect of “he says he didn’t say it, maybe he didn’t, maybe he was joking”, we really just wanted to talk about the meat of what was reported, rather than whether or not he said it, or whether or not he was serious. Most of what we talk about is really unrelated, he was just a handy jumping off point to talk to Rachel Goodchild. Also note citations and discussion of reality of women’s waning sex drive in relationships.

  2. It’s so hard to get the tone of a comment right; I was nowhere near as annoyed as I perhaps sound. We need a way of indicating tone aside from emoticons ;p

    I guess I saw the conversation about sex-drive as a criticism of Steven Fry’s joke, rather than just a discussion about sex-drive leading from that news story. My bad, sorry.

    Robyn and Rachel were great, and your show notes as usual, were gold.

  3. To be fair it was a criticism of Fry’s joke as well. Though it wasn’t my intent to make it seem like we thought it was a significant comment, or even really that we had much of a a significant criticism.

    A gay man with (apparently) no experience of sex with women, shouldn’t be taken as much of an expert when it comes to female sexuality if he’s speaking seriously, and especially not when he claims to be kidding.

    Probably a better tack would have been just to talk about how much of a huge dramatic cry baby he is, constantly quitting and rejoining twitter.

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