Episode 1: Live via Satellite

Morgan has unfortunate news. We introduce Senior Cultural Commentator and Wellington Affairs Correspondent Robyn Gallagher. Robyn tells us about current Te Papa exhibition Slice of Heaven. We figure out what’s really going on with Te Papa banning menstruating and pregnant women. Actors Equity don’t want to talk to us (apparently). Bieber backlash. Public art. Aotea Square sucks, but at least the old Mountain fountain has found a new home. Wellington mayoral race special vote count (and why it’s taking forever). Len Brown likes trains. John Key doesn’t want to pay for them. Auckland had an amazing tramway network, Morgan wants to know who killed it. French burka ban, won’t somebody think of the ninjas? Queen Elizabeth announces Boat.

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Introducing Discourse Correspondent

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Senior Culture Commentator, and Wellington Correspondent, Robyn Gallagher. She’ll be appearing on the show regularly, at least for as long as we manage to fluke not completely alienating her with our constant irrelevant chatter. She turns words regularly on robyngallagher.com.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 1: Live via Satellite”

  1. Haha! Going to architecture school at Auckland Uni is like being immersed in a tub of that Russian cold war architecture and subsequently drowning in it. Now, with the example of Aotea Square…

  2. (PS, no one comments here because it reloads the page, cutting off the streaming podcast when you press the comments link, and when you post the comment. Also, BS is my initials. No laughing.)

  3. Thanks for your comments, BS. I hadn’t considered the reload on comment submission issue. I’ll do something about it. Cheers.

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