Episode 3.17: Going Solo in Ickle Nezzle

Dylan has to rush one of his kids off to hospital halfway through the show and for someone reason instead of wrapping up, Morgan continues solo for another 30+ minutes. Feel free to either skip this episode entirely, or stop at that point. Or keep listening, that’s cool too.

Don’t forget to send in your favourite Shakespeare scenes for us to perform!

Show notes

What’s your aunty been talking about?

  • FYI, a  9.3 on IMDb is extraordinary: Breaking Bad (IMDb)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 3.17: Going Solo in Ickle Nezzle”

  1. Sounds exactly like any other show – perhaps you could have a Dylan machine that occasionally pipes up with “hmm”, “yes,but” and “y’know, I’ve got a story” before being cut off by Morgan.

  2. Just finished listening to this ep. Morgan did a good job of flying solo – harder than anyone thinks who hasn’t tried it, I bet – and I didn’t find it as awkward as I think he thought it was. I would have been quite happy to jump in and help out, but I went to bed shortly before Dylan left (due to a very early start the next day; I’m not in my 70s). I’m quite sure it wouldn’t have helped, anyway.

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