Episode 3.05: Murder-free Day

In which Dylan upgrades his equipment.

Show notes

What’s your aunty been talking about? Presented by Spoiler Massacre.

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One thought on “Episode 3.05: Murder-free Day”

  1. You see the tragic thing about you fuckers is that you are such nerds that you don’t even realise that you are a tech podcast. Youz fuckers think normal talk is tech talk aye. The first half hour was all tech, why do you hate OSX so much? I’m no apple fan boy, but Lion is pretty sweet for day to day Web dev work. Anyway, love the sound effects. Love the show. 
    Oh and by the way from someone who has read all the Game of Thrones books, all the female characters are strong powerful women, I don’t know why that has not came across in the series for you. But in the series there are more hors to sex it up I guess, but its a shame that you feel that the female characters are just fuck holes in the series because in the books the females are actually the most strong willed and powerful characters. 

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