Episode 2.23: Cut-throats and Mercenaries

Special guest 1: David Farrar, popular blogger (at Kiwiblog), National Party insider, and political Pollster (at his company Curia).

Special guest 2: Jordan Carter, Labour Party candidate in the forthcoming general election.

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Recorded live in front of a rowdy online audience on mixlr.com, which is so amazingly better than uStream that we can’t believe it.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 2.23: Cut-throats and Mercenaries”

  1. Great show and great overflow, in fact if it wasn’t for that boring camera shit it would have been the best overflow. I mean Jesus, what you grandiose mother fuckers don’t relise is that your technology rant’s aliante people. That’s cool, its your thing, most nz’ers are using shitty cheap as chips Nokia’a, but you fuckers insist on ranting on about the best Androids vs win phone 7’s, but thats cool I guess, but for fuck sake, 20 thousand dollar cameras, who the fuck cares? Also as a side note, Game of Thrones is the shizzle. Don’t judge a series on a tiny bit of dialog you found sub par, I mean, wtf is up with that shit? Apart from that, love the show, your devoted listener,Cameron

  2. I can’t afford those cameras either. I use a DSLR that I bought for (relatively) cheap for my short films. And I got my phone for free – just like a bunch of lucky Discourse listeners have in our various competitions.

  3. Hey oh Jesus sorry was a little bit drunk when I wrote the previous comment. I know you guys get phones free and you do give some away. I just find phone tech news stories a little boring really. Smart phones don’t really excite me. But technology does. Actually I would love to hear you guys go into detail about why you hate lion vs win7 etc. You keep mentioning it but you fail to give reasons. That to me, would make far better listening than phone or camera teck talk. Been listening to you guys since that boring wordcamp thing at Te Papa. By far the best moment so far is when you proposed that kiwis beaks were dual purpose snorkels and proceded to email this new found fact to doc. Fuckin gold, also that poo stuff was fantastic!

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