Episode 2.13: It isn’t easy being green.

This week we’re joined by popular Green party MP & rising star Gareth Hughes.

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Recorded live in front of a rowdy online audience on mixlr.com.

Massive $2400 phone giveaway!

Thanks to Telecom XT we’ve got 3 (three!) Motorola Defy android phones to give away, Dylan snarfed the first for getting the phones, Gary Henson won the second for coming up with the best competition, and if Aaron Gillon goes through with his promise of destroying a Samsung Galaxy S by slingshotting it into a wall, he gets the third one.

But all is not lost, if Aaron doesn’t destroy his Galaxy S (and frankly I think he’d be mad to, it’s a great phone) the last Motorola Defy goes back into the pool and we’ll choose another entrant. And even if he does, we’ve got even more great prizes in the goody bag, coming up in the next couple of episodes.

Discourse XL

Do you prefer longer episodes? If so, once you’ve finished listening to this episode, you should listen to Discourse XL, the episode 13 overflow show.

A Word From Our Sponsor

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3 thoughts on “Episode 2.13: It isn’t easy being green.”

  1. Enjoying the podcast as ever – could you turn Ben’s sound up a bit? Morgan projects his voice well but that Ben is either a mumbler or damn shy

  2. Just listening to Ben and Dylan whingeing about their commutes, and it occurred to me that if they swapped houses (or jobs) they could both walk to work in less than half an hour. I love public transport, but an even more effective way of getting cars off the road is to live close to where you work. Now, how can I persuade my boss to let me work from home…?

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