Episode 2.09bca: Barcamp Special Live Show

We were asked if we wanted to do a live show at Barcamp, and naturally we said yes before thinking it through properly. And then Morgan got sick, making things go even worse than anyone would ever have expected.

If you were one of the people I saw in the audience taking photos or video can you please fire through a URL (or even a copy of any pictures), I like to get as much of that stuff for the archives as possible.

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Important! Sound quality warning!

The recording quality on this episode is really sketchy, varying between quite bad and shockingly bad. We were using the venue’s mixer, which was set up ok for the PA in the auditorium, but wasn’t set up correctly for the outputs we attached our recorder to. And as the audio mixer was in a room on another floor, we couldn’t monitor it while we did the show (or we would have taken corrective measures).

If you’re sensitive to fuzzy/clippy/bad audio, I suggest you skip this special and stick to the normal episode.

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