Episode 2.05: Champagne Only Zone

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A quick note on the interview

The interview as it appears in the show is very heavily edited, it wasn’t cut down any intention of changing the substance of what Liz said, but purely because the full version is just too long to drop in whole. We have made the full version of the interview available for download (it is also slightly edited, for general brevity), it’s about 3 times as long as Liz really isn’t very soundbitey.

Download: Liz Shaw, extended interview (mp3 format, ~20 minutes).

Show notes

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One thought on “Episode 2.05: Champagne Only Zone”

  1. Most excellent episode (I really didn’t like E2.04).

    I quite enjoyed the extended interview with Liz Shaw. She must hang out at transportblog.co.nz a lot — ’cause she sure is pushing all the right transport issue buttons! Would love to know if she uses any public transportation or human-powered vehicles herself.

    +1 for getting Bernard Hickey to comment on BitCoin. Maybe even Keith Ng?

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