Episode 2.00: C4||¢3Я

Welcome to the zeroth episode of season 2, a champagne fueled frenzy of misinformation and PR regurgitation. This is the first episode recorded in the new sexier studio.

If you’ve got a good name for the new game, fire it through. (Or if you hate the game, tell us that too.)

Please note the new numbering scheme: this isn’t episode two hundred, it’s season 2, episode 00. I’ll probably regret this change later.

Show notes

  • Google
  • Sickle-cell disease (Wikipedia)
    • If I said “European kind of people” to describe people from a whole bunch of European countries would you raise an eyebrow? Same thing bro. Africa is big. (But clearly sickle-cell disease is more prevalent than I thought.)
  • The Discourse Weekly Show Urban Dictionary Word of the Week

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2 thoughts on “Episode 2.00: C4||¢3Я”

  1. Why was this episode called cancer?

    I like the industry news that you guys have an inside track on in the tech sector- the “news behind the news” aspect is the show’s strongest point, IMO.

    1. There was a quick reference to it in the episode (at about 44:55), using the spelling shown in the episode title.

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