Episode 25: Useless Without Pictures

This is the last episode of season 1, but as usual that doesn’t mean the same thing on Discourse as it’d mean somewhere more sane, as next week we’ll put up the special live episode recorded at WordCamp in Wellington. But then we’re going to try to take a week or so off. (Don’t be sad, we need a break sometimes.)

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I reckon you should look at How To Piss in Public, a YouTube short which I’ve also embedded below. Darren suggests WhiskyandMore.co.nz, great prices for great booze (this is not a paid endorsement).

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Pissing in public


2 thoughts on “Episode 25: Useless Without Pictures”

    1. We intended to crack on with season 2 this week, but I’ve been moving house, so the studio has been in a pile of boxes and I’ve been rather distracted. Fingers crossed everything is up and running soon, but it won’t be season 2, we’ll do a special or a recap or something. We’ve got a bunch of changes planned for s2, you see, and good things take time.

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