Episode 13: Knock knock

Episode 13, lucky for some. We talk about all sorts, from dolphins to immanentizing the eschaton, delusional parasitosis, amateur carpentry, Blakes 7, and less-than-ideal wifi filters. And a million other things (approximately).

Live show! Live show! Live show!

Tuesday 25th of January at about 8pm (we’ll be more specific on twitter, closer to the time). Be there or be square don’t be there.

Competition winner disannounced!

Su Yin has her shiny new Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup drive in hand, but the winner of the Huawei IDEOS Android phone hasn’t been in touch, so now I’ve got a new phone for myself.

Rules for the Discourse Weekly Show McDonald’s™ Filter Bounty

  1. No faking.
  2. Must really be on the McDonald’s wifi, and have used it to load the page.
  3. The page must be both super dodgy, and on an established site that would be banned if there was any kind of sense at play behind the filter.
  4. There’s probably no prize.
  5. If against all odds there is a prize, it will be terribly disappointing.

Help us out

Please tell a friend to listen to the show, and then tell them you love them before leaning in for a kiss (pause for a moment just before your lips meet for heightened tension, it’ll be really great).

Show notes


Morgan read a few cherry-picked tweets on the show this week, then proceeded to write about himself in the third person in the show notes.

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