Episode 12: Everyone’s a winner, baby!

Ben is quarantined on the moon, so we try out having him on by Skype. I try not having any booze (and making up for it by having a huge sugary “energy” drink). The show is a train wreck almost before it starts. We talk about all the big news from 2010, but frankly at this time of year I’m more interested in sharing my own flights of fancy about airport design than talking about anything real.  We also talk about our holidays, John Key, Phil ‘the wet blanket’ Goff  (apparently Ben doesn’t know what literally means), taking photos from kites, construction delaying taniwha, changing the New Zealand flag, how long have Māori been in NZ, and why are historians so dumb? (Is it because they’re not scientists?) Lonely people are lonely so maybe we should all be a bit friendlier to one another, and there’s a small penis rule but it’s not what you think, and Apple is big, while PC laptops sell far more but are full of crap software because PC manufacturers hate their customers, women are so very happy about their salads, and so very very much more.

Competition winners announced!

I want it to be a surprise, so you’ll have to listen to the show to find out who got the Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup unit, and the Huawei IDEOS Android phone (thanks once again to 2Degrees). Please don’t give it away before the winners listen to the show.

Show notes

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3 thoughts on “Episode 12: Everyone’s a winner, baby!”

  1. Good stuff, but any chance you could get some compression or something in the mix to even out the volume etc of the guests/hosts (and even the ‘announcer’). I usually listen to podcasts in the car and found myself having to crank the volume up when Morgan was talking so I could hear him, and then getting blasted when Ben laughed or spoke up.

    1. Sorry about that Rik, I’ll try to make it more even. (I do already do quite a bit of post processing, but perhaps I need to do more.)

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