Episode 11: #$!@ it! We’ll do it live!

Our first ever Live Broadcast Extravaganza. We outfitted Studio 1 with a bunch of cameras, sorted out a camera switcher, fired up ustream, and invited a bunch of people to come join us as we recorded the show. The show as presented in the feed is essentially identical to that experienced live, pauses and banter that would usually be cut have been left in, it’s something of an experiment. Let us know what you think of this live format, good or bad, and we’ll use that feedback to decide if we want to do future live shows or not.


Go to the Competition Entry page and submit the form to be in the draw to win an Huawei IDEOS Android phone worth $299, very kindly provided by 2Degrees. Ben reviewed the Huawei IDEOS a little while ago and reckons it’s the best of the cheaper Androids available right now. CNET Asia called it ‘Excellent’ (check out their review).

The second name pulled out of the hat gets a Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup box worth $274.

There was a special prize only for viewers of the live stream, a Microsoft Arc Keyboard, this was won by the first person to complete a bingo board: Mathew Hartley.

You can play Discourse Podcast Bingo while listening to the podcast if you like, a random bingo card looks something like this:

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