Episode 10: No Sleep Til Discourse

Beer, trying to book decent seats to live music, black backgrounds suck, Ben calls out my moaning but is a giant hypocrite (with citations), more about Te Papa, and fracken copyright, jazz hands, and death metal, and moshing. Religion, and Christianity, and Catholicism, and false idols. (Apparently Anglicans are evil, but I can find no evidence.) Apologies, and apologies, and GPS, and Google. Castration, and parenthood, and age gaps, and scotch eggs. Gay panic, and All Blacks, and airlines. IRD suggest you keep your feet on the ground, and your accounting information out of the clouds. Assange on a dating site (what, you mean like he’s a human or something?), and Wikileaks continues to grow, popping up all over the internet. Good luck putting that genie back into its bottle, authoritarians. Lost cats, and bad driving (hopefully unrelated), and subways, and cycles, and idiot politicians. And, as always, there’s much much more.

Show notes

Listener mail bag

  • Pieter Vanderwerff says don’t bleep anything, and liked the Bernard Hickey special edition. (So did we.)
  • Ian Randall has spotted an inconsistency in one of our plotlines.

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