Episode 9: We Apologise in Advance

The new longest episode, but you should have seen it before editing. We talk about boobs, breast cancer, prostate cancer, taints, moustaches, bad beer, European masters handcream & colouring pencils (which you’re not allowed to use), crappy museums that make for even worse galleries, armies and drones and boats, Wikileaks and buses and NASA, we ask when you decided to be straight (if you ever did), make a modest proposal for Christmas, learn that Morgan is deathly afraid of heights (but still rides rollercoasters), Ben is cutting back on the sandwiches, polytheism and pantheism and animism and shintoism. And a whole lot more.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 9: We Apologise in Advance”

  1. You know, the hardest part of this episode was trying not to laugh in the first six minutes when I wasn’t supposed to be there.

  2. Stuff reports on Te Papa’s pen-and-pencil ban – they say it’s to stop people inadvertently defacing the artworks. Though it seems to imply that the risk is not to much someone tripping and falling, but otherwise nice people suddenly being gripped with the urge to draw a moustache on a Picasso.

    And Over The Net looks back at the bad old days of smoking in galleries (complete with Len Castle ashtrays), and of City Gallery Wellington being happy to rent out their galleries for functions, but with a ban on red wine.

  3. Thanks for getting round talking about european masters at te-papa (the mcdonalds playground of art and culture).

    Guess I have to find something else to be snarky about eh?

    FYI SIPRnet is pronounced “sipper net”

    Have a watch of Ron Pauls speech on
    wikileaks. He asks some good questions:


    You guys seem interested in intelligence matters. Have a read of “legacy of ashes” it’s an extremely critical history of the CIA. and a damn good read.

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